Herbal care

Herbal care

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Herbal care

Herbal care products range from toothpaste to lotions to facial creams and soaps. There are a number of choices for herbal care products available in our market today. These herbal care products are good alternatives to commercially manufactured products because they contain natural ingredients and have no harmful chemicals.

The following herbs are used for herbal care products:

Alfalfa. This is excellent for bad breath and the high chlorophyl content stimulates hair growth. This is found in herbal care products such as toothpaste and shampoos.

Aloe. This is often found in skin care herbal products such as lotions because of its ability to smoothen skin.

Basil. This is has anti-bacterial properties which is used in skin care herbal products to treat acne.

Burdock. This is excellent for hair care herbal products such as shampoos since it increases stimulation of blood flow. It is also a purifier and increases urine flow and sweating.

Chickweed. This is good for itchy skin and is used in skin care herbal products to sooth rash.

Emu oil. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids that can penetrate very deep into the skin. This is great for skin care herbal products such as soaps. This is also great herbal care for dry hair added in shampoos and conditions. Emu oil can also darken gray hair with regular use.

Fenugreek. Good stimulant that is excellent in hair herbal care products such as shampoos and conditioners. It stimulates blood flow to the root of the hair.

Fo-ti. Known to prevent gray hair and can help darken gray hair which is a good for hair herbal care.

Horsetail. An herb used in hair care herbal products for falling hair.

Jojoba. It is used in herbal care products for scalp and hair. Also, as a deep cleansing agent and is great for psoriasis and eczema. It is also good herbal care for dry hair.

Olive oil. Used in a number of herbal care soaps as base giving milder effect on skin and retaining the skin’s vital oils and moisture.

Primrose oil. Used in herbal care shampoos and skin products because it has sufficient omega 3’s and essential fatty acids.

Tea tree oil. Natural antiseptic and is used for skin herbal care products especially in treating acne and skin irritations.

Thyme. Used in herbal care as deep cleansing agent that removes dirt and debris deep in the skin. It kills bacteria that cause acne.

Sage. Another deep cleaning agent which is great herbal care for the skin.