Cosmetic procedures by laser

Cosmetic procedures by laser

Nowadays, people are very preoccupied with their appearance. Some are even obsessed with how they look and science is there to take care of their needs. Everyone wants to look good and young, but the fear of operations keeps them away from making their dreams come true. Their fear is rational since a lot of harm can be done: severe blood loss, infections, anesthetic allergies, and unintended cosmetic outcomes. Any surgical procedure involves risks. Why resort to this, when cosmetic procedures by laser can be performed easier, and with less risks?

A laser is a device that concentrates light waves of identical color, wavelength and direction. This way it creates a precise and powerful ray. Lasers are operated only through computers therefore the risk of a human mistake is very low. Over the years, a lot of different types of laser devices have been invented. Some of the most popular ones are gas lasers, solid state lasers, dye lasers, semiconductor lasers. The gas laser with CO2 is mainly used for laser facial skin resurfacing, while the argon laser helps with blood vessel conditions like varicose vein removal. For crows feet removal an Erbium/EAG laser is used.

The basic principle of laser hair removal is that the light energy of the laser penetrates the skin and is converted into heat. There, it injures the hair follicle inhibiting re-growth. The laser hair removal procedure has to be done during the growth stage of the hair and this is a bit tricky because hair grows in cycles. This is why plastic surgeons recommend multiple sessions before the laser hair removal procedure is considered finished. Sometimes anesthesia can be used during the laser hair removal procedure, but it usually is not necessary because the pain is minimal. A session can take anywhere from ten minutes to an hour.

The good thing with laser hair removal is that there are minimal post-op complications. The area may be red or swollen, but the reaction passes only a short while. The irritation can be gradually reduced with the help of a cream or ointment. Hair will reappear for few weeks during the laser hair removal procedure, but that’s no reason to worry. It is only dead hair falling out.

Most people who are not satisfied with their looks try to reach their ideal with the least amount of surgery possible. Through laser facial skin resurfacing the passing of years becomes invisible and there’s no surgery involved either. It can be a less painful procedure than dermabrasion via chemical peels. Laser technology has made crows feet removal easy, as well as general facial wrinkle removal possible, without the risks of a surgical facelift.

Warts are very unpleasant. They hurt, are unattractive, and they are contagious. People usually let warts disappear because wart removal isn’t very easy. After a couple of years they go away. But why do so when the problem can be eliminated sooner? Wart removal of extensive warts on the hands or feet is a common procedure thanks to laser surgery.

Older women and men have yet another problem, one that affects the blood vessels. In the past, varicose veins used to be quite a burden – painful and unaesthetic, but technology made life better through varicose vein removal.

There are still many examples of cosmetic procedures by laser. The good thing is that all these procedures are relatively painless and show immediate results. They have one disadvantage though: they can cost a lot of money. However, if you are interested in looking younger and healthier, you may find the costs worth it.

Let’s take body hair as an example. People find laser hair removal to be the perfect answer. It is true hair can be removed through other cosmetic ways, but it may grow back, costing more money for repeat treatment. Some women hate body hair on their lips, armpits, belly, bikini line, and legs, making laser hair removal necessary. Even men are now more interested in how they look. In the past, body hair on men was a sign of manhood. It separated the children from the adults, and was thought to be an evidence of virility. Today, things are “a little bit” different: body hair on men may be considered unpleasant, and it is taken off through laser hair removal treatments. Although there are alternatives to laser hair removal, it’s difficult to repeat the painful routine of waxing and shaving. Laser hair removal is a permanent option. The hair in the specific area won’t grow again or, if that happens, it will take a long period of time: months or even years. Therefore, it’s a great idea to get laser hair removal instead of using the old fashion methods which can create complications.

If you are willing to do almost anything to look good and feel good at the same time, then undergoing cosmetic procedures by laser is the next best thing. The lack of pain and the amazing results of laser hair removal, varicose vein removal, or laser facial resurfacing, will make you forget any conventional methods you have used. Who wouldn’t trade the smell of wax, the risky surgical procedures, and the pain for something new and better?